Who was Telsa and why was he awesome? His Wikipedia page is thorough. Click here to read.

The Tesla Project was started as a birthday party celebrating the life of Nikola Tesla. For 2014 we’re teaming up with Art.Science.Gallery. for another extravaganza. The date has been set for July 5! Come join us!

Artists Cody Scrogrum and Cathy Savage happened to fall into conversation late April 2010 about Nikola Tesla. They expressed their mutual admiration for the guy and thought it would be great to have a Tesla party on his birthday. It was fantastic! With over 30 participating artists, several bands, a Tesla Roadster, and ArcAttack, we had over 800 guests. We did it again in 2011, took a break, and now are partnering up with Art.Science.Gallery. and reviving the event for 2014.

Any proceeds will be donated to Girl Start.

Watch the video from 2010’s event!