Join In


We are seeking volunteers to help get this event off the ground as well as help out the day of. If you’d like more information, please email our team of organizers and we’ll get you started! Here are some examples of what we need:

Prior to event:

Paint and touch up gallery area

Help hang work in gallery. Experience helpful, but not required.

Help tidy the space, move furniture, get the film room ready, hang posters

Day of:

Help set up, 9-11 AM

Put stages out, set up lounge area

Help during event, 2-10

shifts: 2-4PM, 4-6PM, 6-8PM, 8-10PM

guide vendors to location, collect money, direct people, answer questions about Tesla, help with various issues that arise.

Break down, 10PM -11 PM

This is a lot of fun and you’ll meet some interesting people. We hope you can be part of spreading the Tesla Love!


Become a Vendor

We’re thinking we want cold items served–July in Austin is beastly. Contact us at if you’d like to be a vendor.

  1. Lara Starr says:

    Darn! I’m the Bay Area so I can’t be there, but I wanted to lend my virtual support. My 11-year-old son Max is big into Tesla (written papers about him in school, etc) and is always griping that Edison gets all the glory, but Tesla was the real genius. When I told him the name of your event he said, “Finally!”

    Best of luck!

    • Hi Lara. I found out about Tesla about 10 years ago while visiting Nigara Falls. My computer engineer husband gave me the run down on the Tesla-Edison rivalry on our long ride back to Austin. Ever since I’ve been on a quest to spread the word on Tesla. I’m making up for lost time for sure, but how fun that your son has learned about him so early on and can do his part to share some Tesla Love!

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